Corona deadline extension

Dear participants,

We have to inform you that the test unit has also been affected by the Corona virus. Therefore, the test execution is delayed at least to the second half of April and it is very hard at the moment to make accurate predictions (we’re sure regarding the Blind prediction also, but timewise in this context).

Therefore, the deadline for the Blind Prediction Competition is postponed to 15 April 2020, but subject to additional delay based on the uncertain test execution date.

Once again, we wish you good luck with your models and remind you that you can keep track of all the updates, deadlines and test execution date at the website.


2 thoughts on “Corona deadline extension”

  1. Dears,

    I would like to know if the deadline will be further extended. It would be appreciable if participants are given a little more time to perform better and take the uncertainties involved in the problem into account in an effective way.
    Please consider recently-joined participants in current situation and communication difficulties of team-work due to Coronavirus.

    Thank you

  2. Dear Mr. Adibfar,

    The new deadline is related to the test execution date which is, in turn, related to the Corona situation. Therefore, participants can count on having the possibility to submit their predictions up to the test execution phase.

    Best regards,
    Igor Tomić

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