The test specimen consists of two units: Unit 1 is a one storey building and Unit 2 a two storey building. The shared wall belongs to Unit 2.

The key parameters of the specimen are:

  • Half scale prototype;
  • 2 units: Unit 2 consists of two floors and Unit 1 of one floor;
  • 1.5 tonnes of additional masses per floor of Unit 2, evenly distributed;
  • No connection between the units; the two units will be built so that the connection is a dry connection (i.e., at a given height, first unit 2 and then unit 1 will be constructed);
  • Double leaf stone masonry – Unit 1 wall thickness 30cm and unit 2 thickness 35 cm and 25cm of the first and the second floor, respectively;
  • Decreased spandrel thickness;
  • Timber diaphragms with different orientation;
  • Steel angles placed to anchor beams into walls are not activated and are not expected to influence the behaviour of the test buildings. They are placed as precaution for later phases of the test.

The following figures give an overview of the specimen geometry. The detailed specimen geometry in form of final construction plans is provided in the Zenodo download link.

Figure 1. Unit orientation. The numbers in circles indicate the façade number. The facades are plotted in the following figures.

Figure 2. Geometry of the facades. All dimensions are in meters.


Table 1. Summary of masses

Specimen mass
Walls of Unit 1 7270 kg
Floors of Unit 1 164 kg
Total Unit 1 7434 kg
Walls of Unit 2 12937 kg
Floors of Unit 2 335 kg
Additional masses of Unit 2 3000 kg
Total Unit 2 16272 kg
Steel foundation 7000 kg
Concrete slab on top of steel foundation 11000 kg
TOTAL 41706 kg