The specimen will be tested under one and two components of horizontal excitation (see following section). The shake table test will be conducted using the two horizontal components of the Albatros station from the Montenegro 1979 (Luzzi, Puglia, Russo, 2016).

Two sets of records are provided (see download):

  • The original records as downloaded from the ESM database;
  • The scaled records that will be used for the shake table test.
1.1        Original records as downloaded from the ESM database

The first two records are the two horizontal components of the earthquake as downloaded from the database. The E-W component and the N-S component of the original records have PGAs of 0.21g and 0.18g, respectively. The original .rar file as downloaded from the ESM database is provided. Note that in these files the acceleration is provided in cm/s2. Original .rar file contains multiple files, of which the key ones are the following:

  • ULA..HNE.D.19790415.061941.C.ACC.ASC – Horizontal component in the east – west direction [cm/s2];
  • ULA..HNN.D.19790415.061941.C.ACC.ASC – Horizontal component in the north – south direction [cm/s2].
1.2        Records scaled and adapted for the shake table test:

The records to be used for the shake table test have derived from the original records as follows:

  • For the test, which is conducted at half-scale, the time axis of the record will be shortened by a factor of sqrt(2). The original time step of the records is 0.005s. For the testing of the scaled structure, the time step will be reduced to 0.005/sqrt(2)=0.003536s.
  • The acceleration components have been scaled individually to match the PGA limit of the shake table of 0.875g in the longitudinal direction (y-direction) and of 0.625g in the transverse direction (x-direction).
  • Transverse direction component has been changed from north – south to south – north orientation to be applied in the positive x-direction.
  • Acceleration in these files is provided in m/s2.

The scaled records have the following filenames:

  • Montenegro_Albatros_EW_100p_shake_table.txt (applied in the positive y-direction, see Figure 1);
  • Montenegro_Albatros_SN_100p_shake_table.txt (applied in the positive x-direction, see  Figure 1).